What does wig density mean?

It takes a lot of time to choose the most suitable wig.One of the key things girls need to consider if you plan to wear a high-quality unit is the density of the wig.

When it comes to the density of a wig, it usually measures how much hair is on the wig.Generally, it's just the amount of hair used on each wig.The more hair on the wig, the thicker the wig.

Differences in wig density.

As a professional human hair supplier.Grawwhair hair offers different hair densities: 150%, 180%, 200% and 250.If the text is not intuitive, please attach a picture for reference.

Through the pictures, girls may have a clear idea of the density of different lace wigs.To make it easier to choose the right wig, the characteristics of each wig density are described below, and the steps to follow.

150% Density: Compared with other wigs density, the density is the lightest, and it is light when worn, which is most suitable for people with thin and natural hair.

Density 180%: It is the common choice for most people because it is the average standard density of wigs, neither too thick nor too thin, which can show the hairstyle truly and naturally.

200% Density: Also a popular choice for those who prefer a fuller, fuller appearance, natural but not overwhelming.

Density 250%: It is the densest hair.Specially designed for those who are looking for plump hair.This is the best option if you want to have star quality or use it for special occasions.

How to choose the right wig density.

When it comes to optimal density, it's not just that one is better than the other. Girls also need to consider the length, texture, density and appearance of the wig.

As a rule of thumb, here are some tips to keep in mind when choosing the right wig density.

The first thing a girl has to check is her own hair density. Choosing according to the quality of the hair can make the wig blend into the hair better and more naturally. In order to make this realistic look a reality, it is necessary to obtain a hair density that matches the hair density.

The appearance of the wig is also important.

But the basic principles are:

People with deep curls look fuller than wigs with straight hair, so if girls prefer deep curls, there's no need to get a higher density.

Long wigs need high density to make them look natural and realistic. If a girl is looking for a long wig, you can’t go wrong by choosing a density above 200% compared to short or bob wigs.

Colored wigs require thick hair to make them as full as natural-colored wigs of the same length and texture.

The wig has good density in the Grawwhair hair.

Reading this blog post will help you understand the density of wigs.

So, what texture and density do girls want to choose? Grawwhair offers a huge selection of wigs for beauties to choose the right one with the latest coupons. Let's show off your unique beauty!

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