What size wig do I need to buy to suit me?

After many friends finally receive the wig, they will find that their head seems to be too big, or they can't wear it at all. Why does this problem occur?

The most important reason is the wrong size of the cap. If a lace wig is larger than your head and the hair on the sides doesn't fit your scalp, it will look huge. On the other hand, if the wig is too small, it won't cover your hairline and can easily slide outwards. As long as the wig is not the same size as your head, no matter how you wear it, it's useless. So let's talk about how to choose a perfectly fitted wig.

How to measure?

1.Use a tape measure:

When measuring the circumference of the head, the flexible portable ruler fits better on the scalp, allowing for a more accurate measurement.

2.Arrange your hair:

Just like you're going to wear a wig: Tie your hair into a low ponytail or down ahead of time, put on a wig cap, make sure your hair matches the style of the wig; start measuring your head.

3.The main measurement and measurement method:

Circumference: Measure the length of the forehead and hairline, through the ears, and around the head.

Forehead and Back Neck: Measure the length from the hairline on the forehead to the top of the head to the roots of the hair on the back of the head.

Ear to Above Ear: Use tape to measure the length from the top of one ear to the top of the other.

To obtain the accuracy of the value, measure 2-3 times and take the intermediate value.

How to choose the size of the hair cap?

After the test, I believe you already know your head shape, and the next step is to choose the wig you want.

If you want a front lace wig, you can choose a small cap, a medium cap or a large cap, compare the measurements with the values in the image below.

If you want a lace wig or a U-shaped wig, choose a medium cap when the circumference is ≤ 22.5 inches.

If you want a headband wig, you can view the measurements below.

Because the headband wig has an adjustable Velcro headband, the adjustability will be better.

Best of all, every wig we make at Grawwhair has an adjustable elastic on the back.

You can use an adjustment with fine-tuning wig size to get the proper fit.

Isn't your size on the list?

If your girth is less than 21.5 inches or greater than 23.5 inches and you don't know how to choose your size, you can always contact us for a custom hat.

We have been waiting for your inquiry.

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