Take good care of your wigs in the summer

Take good care of your wigs in the summer - Grawwhair

Wearing a hat to cover your hair or extensions is a great way to reduce summer sun exposure.

A hat or scarf must be worn and cover your head with your hat!Hot summer is the most difficult season for hair care.Harmful UV rays can damage not only your skin but also your hair.Don't panic if you're in summer, it's not just you.

Cover your head with a hat or scarf.Hat fans will be happy to know that a soft hat can protect your wig or your hair.A woman wearing a beautiful hat or a variety of bright scarves walking on the street will be a beautiful scenery on the street.

Brush your hair regularly:

Don't avoid brushing your hair, not regularly brushing is a big mistake.It does not reduce hair loss less;

We always wash too much hair, especially in summer because of greasy hair, itchy scalp or excessive heat.But frequent shampooing can cause the scalp to lose its natural oils, which can lead to dryness.

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