Grawwhair - Frequently Asked Questions about #99 Colorful Lace Wigs

Color wigs allow people to change their hair color every day according to their clothes and mood, it won't hurt their hair texture.It's becoming more and more popular in the world and it seems like a huge trend.

If anyone wants to try out colored wigs, but don't know which one is right.Follow Grawwhair๏ผŒThere are wigs in many colors to suit everyone's needs.But today, let's focus on the #99J colored hair wig.

Burgundy hair is one of the most popular and pretty wig colors.It makes girls look stylish and lively.Best of all, these beautiful bright colors make everyone stand out from the crowd.If some girls always wanted to try burgundy hair, now is the best time.

What is #99J Color Hair Lace Wig?

#99J Lace Wigs are 100% real hair.All hair is collected by a professional team and then taken care of, trimmed, coloured, shampooed, waved and more by stylists.Finally, the hair is hand tied to the lace seal or lace front and cap and sewn together to create the wig.Good quality, no shedding, no tangles, long service life.

What types of #99J lace wigs are available?

#99J color wigs are mainly divided into three types:
1.#99J Colorful Lace Front Wig.
2.#99J Colorful Lace Closure Wig.
3. #99J Colored Lace Partial Wig.

Lace wigs have a large range of lace, which can form a more realistic and natural hairline, and can also be divided according to your own needs.

Wigs are easier to install, if someone doesn't want to use glue, you can try wigs, 5*5 wigs, 4*4 wigs.

Lace part wig, lace size 13*5*1 inch, relatively cheap, here are the pictures of lace part wig for you to check.

what should i try?
We will highlight #99J color loose curly lace front wig.
The first is the lace front wig, girls can separate their hair at will.
Second, loose curls are not as tight as curls, nor as loose as body waves. Girls can create elegant and retro shapes with this wig.
Thirdly, it is 100% hair and girls can also straighten or dye it another color.

How to maintain #99J wig?
The better your wig is cared for, the longer your hair will last, and here are some tips to help you care for your wig.
1. Brush your hair before washing to make sure there are no tangles.
2. Put the item in 35-40* water and add shampoo in the water.
3. Gently press the device for 10-15 minutes until it is clean. Do not rub with your hands.
4. Rinse shampoo thoroughly and place conditioner in water.
5. Leave hair in conditioner for 10-15 minutes.
6. Rinse the conditioner thoroughly, using a towel to absorb water.
7. Turn back to the wig in the hat and choose a wide-tooth comb.
8. Place the wig on the standing headgear and let it air dry.

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